Ten Minutes with God

One of my floundering Lenten disciplines is working through a book Writing to God:  40 days of praying with my pen by Rachel G. Hackenberg.  For each day, she has a prayer she has written, a scripture to read and a prompt to write you own prayer.  I’m actually loving this practice, though you might not guess based on the fact that I’m quite a few days off track.

One night, I planned to crank out at least two days worth of prayers (I know, great attitude to approach prayer).  The scripture was Psalm 46 which includes “Be still and know that I am God.”  And the prompt suggested before writing a prayer to take ten minutes for silent prayer.  The last thing I wanted in that moment.

Perhaps my prayer will resonate:

Ten minutes with God?

I do not have ten minutes to spare.

I have to get caught up on my entries.

I have to write a blog.

Ohmygosh I still have 60 pages to read before my meeting tomorrow.

Ten minutes with God?

But I still have TV shows to watch

And I want to get to bed at a reasonable time.

Ten minutes with God?


Is the timer working?  I think it’s been at least 10 minutes.

Ten minutes with God?

Why is it so hard?


My prayer—for you and for me—is that we will make space in our lives for God, living lives in which ten minutes of silence with God is routine and not a challenge, living lives in which ten minutes of silence with God relieves, rather than induces, stress.  May it be so.


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  1. Jo Ann Staebler says:

    Right on target. Thank you.

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